Fixed Swan Neck Towbars

On a Swan Neck towbar, the towball is part of the neck of the towbar.

This type of bar can look tidier on the vehicle because it is more compact, however they can be much less versatile than a Flangeball Towbar.

PRO’s of a Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

Due to the neck being narrower it is less likely to trigger reverse parking aids.

The swan neck towbar can also be used with an Alko Stabiliser without the need for an Al-Ko towball to be purchased separately.

* Compact

* Compatible with Al-Ko stabilisers

* Less likely to be picked up by parking aids

CON’s of a Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

The main downside to a Swan Neck towbar is that it can’t be used with accessories such as bumper guards or cycle carriers with a base plate that need to be bolted behind the towball.

They can only be used with cycle carriers that clamp behind on to the towball which means that you can’t carry bikes and tow at the same time.

* Can’t be used with a bumper guard

* Only compatible with clamp on cycle carriers

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